Umpire Development

West Coasters Netball Club run their own junior umpire development program within the club. Selected umpires will umpire games either weekly or fortnightly, whilst receiving coaching by experienced umpire coaches.
We also run numerous up skilling courses throughout the year for further umpire development.

Throughout this program we aim to achieve:
• Be there for advice and support for the umpire.
• Help develop basic on court umpiring skills.
• Gain confidence whilst umpiring.
• Assist the umpire in obtaining individual umpiring goals.
• Gain friendships.
• And most of all to have fun.

The official Rules of Netball are freely available online. Click here to view the Official Rules of Netball.

If you wish to be a part of the West Coasters Netball Club umpiring team or have any questions please contact via the form below.